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Taxi to Gatwick Airport from Ely

On a good day, you can expect to be at Gatwick from Ely in around 2 hours and 10 minutes. That said, you have a couple of motorways that cause a few issues like the M25, M11 or M23. The M23 is currently going through major renovations.

It is often best to give yourself about 3.5 hours travelling time during quiet road times and 4.5 hours during peak times.

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Ely Business Travel was set up to suit the needs of the long-distance client. Whether that was to an airport, a business meeting, hospital appointment, race day or a night at the theatre,

We are not town cars nor executive but fit somewhere in the middle. We do not rely on school contracts or prolonged periods of waiting at the train station. Our pre-book service means that you book a long way in advance and be sure that we are free of any contractual obligations and so you become our priority.

Our 5 Star Rated Service on all platforms such as Facebook, Google and Yell shows that excellence in service, knowledge and price is our main focus.